Windrush Production uses Pro-Tools recording as our format of choice. We offer 32 inputs into Avid Pro Tools, where we can perfect every nuance of your performance. We have some of the finest studio equipment available in the area. At Windrush Productions, you will find the following equipment and much more.

~Pro Tools 12.7

~Anteres Autotune

~Celemony Melodyne

~SyncroArts Revoice

~Bombfactory Plug-ins

~Waves Plug-ins

~Sans Amp

~Steve Slate Digital Plug-ins

~Superior Drummer Plug-ins

~Wavelab Mastering Suite

~Behringer X32 32 input - 16 bus console

~Audient Mic Pre-amps

~Behringer P16 Headphone system

~TC Electronics Finalizer

~Alesis ML-9600 MasterLink

~Large & small diaphragm condensers and tube microphones by AKG, AudioTechnia, EV, Shure, others

~Focal Alpha 65 Studio Monitors

~Roland V-Drums

~DW Drums w/Zildjian A Custom Cymbals

~Yamaha P-300 Piano

~Four (Peavey), five (Yamaha) and six (Tobias) string bass guitars